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Basil Rehill picAre you a small business owner trying to navigate the online world and having troubles getting out of the gate? The Web Host Advisor provides you with the information you need to get started creating your own small business online web presence. We offer tips, tutorials, advice, consulting, web design, web development, web hosting and other resources to take you from the conception of the idea to the final product of a full functioning website providing your small business with its own little corner on the internet.

My name is Basil Rehill. I have worked in the computer software industry since 1985. I have done my time working behind the scenes at Ask.com and other internet companies and learned from my mistakes. I run a small business and have come to realize there is a lot of hard learning that I have done that I need to share with whoever can benefit. It is my hope that the articles on this site will provide you with all the tools you need to create a professional, well designed, fully functional web presence for your small business. I am also available for consulting if you need.

I currently manage several websites and have been involved in the development of several others. I have always been a problem solver and put those skills to use on this site and on any task that I undertake.

You can see some of my work at:

Main Street Baptist Church

The LYTE Services

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