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There are many free web hosting services. If you are running a small business and are looking to create a professional web presence you will want to use a paid web hosting service. I have included this information if you are just starting out and want a testing ground for your new website.

What are the best free web hosting services?

Google has some fairly good templates and is making its way into the hosting arena with free and pay options. The drawback of their free options is the URL that you are assigned or choose. The URL will look something like where testsite is the name you have given your site. They also limit the amount of space that you can use for free. This may not be what you need. What if you have a pet grooming business and would like your URL address to be Also you will not have as many options as to the number of pages or the amount of traffic they allow each month. Google is in the business of making money as you are as well. If you want to see what they have, go to and click on the more button, then click on sites.

Byethost has some excellent free hosting solutions as well. Again their URL address will look like . You can find them at They provide more services similar to paid hosting providers. Such as free FTP, PHP 5, MySQL and a very popular feature: The Automatic Script Installer (Like Fantastico). You can install many popular scripts such as WordPress, , MyLittle Forum, Joomla, CuteNews, Mambo, WikiWig and many more!

Deluxe host is good for personal web sites. They offer FTP access 100 Mb of space, PHP scripting. They are not very large, but if you just want a simple site and you can create the pages and upload them, this is a viable option.

Web Free Hosting provides some other alternatives. They offer WordPress, Joomla and some PHP scripting. You are allowed 1 database. They provide limited support for their free hosting. Web Free Hosting provides the best of both worlds in free web hosting. I have used them in the past and was very satisfied. To sign up for Web Free Hosting click here.

byet host Deluxe Host Web Free Hosting Google Sites
Space 5.5 Gb 100 Mb 1000 Mb unknown
Forced Ads No No Banner-top No
Your ads Yes Yes Yes unknown
Upload FTP, browser FTP, browser browser no
Scripting PHP, WordPress ISML, WordPress No
Other Features 200 Gb monthly transfer 300 Gb monthly transfer 5 Gb per month unknown


Free is for fun, if you want to experiment with a site or put up a small, personal site for the fun of it.

To find the best paid small business web host click here.

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