web hosting solutionsYou may wonder what sets Singlehop apart from the other Web hosting services out there.

But first what is a web host? Click on the question to find out more. In short they provide a place for your website to be connected to the internet.

Singlehop provides dedicated servers and complex web hosting solutions, is the top-ranked company in the Web Hosting industry, is the second fastest growing IT services company in the country and were named number 25 in the Inc. 500.

They have state of the art hardware and data centers. When a customer needs  new server installed and configured for their specific need, Singlehop can install it in as little as 30 minutes.

Their bandwidth speed is amazing at 110 Gbps. That’s Giga bits per second! What this means is almost instant loading of pages that are graphic intensive. If you have a high volume website and are constantly looking for ways to improve your speed for your visitors then Singlehop has the answer.

Included with every server is 24/7 support as you would expect.

You also get a 10Tb bandwidth and Leap server control. Leap totally automates man tasks that used to require technicians to perform. These are things like backups, reboots and software updates.

By default you get 5 static IP addresses. This means your server always has the same address and it is the most secure that it can be, especially if you use SSL from transmitting confidential data like credit card numbers. Many other web hosts require that you pay more for dedicated IP addresses.

For the best of the best; for the demanding business owner Singlehop delivers.

Click here to sign up for the best web host available.

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