Configuring WordPress


The first thing you will need to do after you have installed WordPress is to log into WordPress on your site and configure it. To log in:

Go to

Your will be asked for your ID and password. This should be in an email that was sent to you when you installed WordPress. Login and then you will see this screen

You will see options on the left side of the screen for posts, links, pages, appearance and settings among other options. Each time you log in you will come to this page. Select settings.

WordPress Settings screen

You will need to fill out the Site Title, Tag line, WordPress address, site address and email address that will be used for admin purposes.

Site Title – this will be the name of your site that people will most likely see at the top you’re your website.

Tag Line – this is a description of your website. In a few rods describe why this website exists. For instance if you are a dog grooming service you could say something like “Loving your dog as much as you…” or some slogan for your company.

WordPress address –  This is the URL that you installed WordPress into. Most likely it would be the root of your domain.  HTTP://

Site Address – Some people like to install Worpress into a different directory other than the root of their domain. If you have done this (installed WordPress into or something similar) and you would like your site to be in the root of your domain. Then you would specify that here

Email address – This is an email address that will be used for administration purposes such as when a user wants to register or a person posts a comment that needs narration. Put the email address you want to use for this purpose here.

After entering your information remember to save the settings. There is a button on the bottom of the page to do this.

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