How to choose a new theme in WordPress

Themes are used by WordPress to define how your website looks.You can change your theme and change the way your website looks. It’s like redecorating. The content of your pages, posts and links stays the same. The theme defines where these things appear, how they look and how your website displays the content.

To change your theme go to Appearance from the menu on the left of the screen after logging into WordPress. From this screen you have a few options of installed themes. They are usually basic themes but will do to start. To choose a theme all you need to do is press activate at the bottom of the theme you want. Most themes allow you to customize some features through the WordPress interface.

There are thousands of free WordPress themes that you can install and activate. To install a new theme click on the Install Theme tab or button at the top of the screen. In this screen you can either enter a term to search for themes such as magazine or technology. You can also select from the check boxes at the bottom of the screen:

WordPress Install New Theme screen


Press the search button and you will be brought to a page with themes matching your search selection. Scroll down through the various themes. When you have found one that you like simple press the install button.

One thing to keep in mind. These themes are not recommended by WordPress nor are they created by them. The free themes have been created by your average user and may have some bugs in them. You must understand that there is a risk that you are taking when you use free themes. There are many people who create professional themes and sell them. They will not put their names on the products if they know it will cause any problems for paying customers.

The following are some very professional theme designers are well worth the money invested so that you can create a professional and safe WordPress website.

Expand2Web has one of the best interfaces for small businesses. They have a completely seamless interface for ensuring proper Search Engine Optimization. You can easily switch between 8 different layout options. There are 16 different banner styles to choose from or you can upload your own. This theme is just what a small business owner needs to manage their themes for an easy start and plenty of room to grow. To find out more about Expand2Web or to purchase this theme click here.

Studio Press offers the best options for WordPress themes that I have found. Their Genesis Framework themes are search engine optimized, offer 43 turnkey designs, provide unlimited support, provides the best security you can find in  WordPress Theme and is easily customizable. That can ba alot to digest, but these guys are the best. To purchase Studio Press click here.

Elegant themes has made a good reputation They have put a ton of time into making the themes not only elegant, but user friendly and versatile. They provide full control over Search Engine Optimization, navigation and layout.To find out more about their themes or to sign up click here.

Theme Forest has created some very professional looking business themes. Their themes are affordable, professional and easy to use. They have a theme called RT-Theme 5 / Business Theme 10 in 1 for WordPress. This is a highly customizable set of themes for business web sites. They are clean and fast. To find out more about their themes or to purchase them click here.

WPZOOM has created some impressive themes. They are Search Engine optimized so that your visitors will be able to find you better when they look for you on Google. Take a look at the WPZOOM – Premium WordPress Themes here.

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