How to create a post in WordPress

Posts are the meat of WordPress. This is where the bulk of the content is usually entered onto your WordPress site. The posts usually appear on your home page in a reverse chronological order. The most recent post is usually the first one that you see when you come to your website. I say usually because you can set up your WordPress website to do things other than this. This is just the way most people use WordPress. So if this is where you want your information, how do you create a post in WordPress.

The first step is to log into your website using your ID and password.

There are two ways to create a post in WordPress. The first is to use the quickpress option. When you log into WordPress there is the quickpress option in the upper right corner of the screen. It looks like this:

You can enter your title and whatever text you want to include in the content field and press the publish button in the lower right of the box. The post will go into your default post category. This is an easy way to post a new post when you have set up your site.

The other way to add a post is to press the Post button on the left hand side of the screen

When you press the post button you will be taken to the post screen which looks like this:

From this screen you can edit current post or add new posts. Select Add new from the left hand side of the screen. You will see the following screen:

WordPress Add a New Post Screen

You must add a title. Make the title meaningful but not too long. I usually use one to five words if I can. The title can show up in menus on some pages so you want to keep it short.

The large text box in the middle of the page is where you can put what you want to say. You have some formatting options across the top of the box. You can use bold, Italics, strike-through, bullet lists, numbered lists, left right and centered justified, and spell check. I suggest that you bold any keywords on your page. Any section sub-headings that you will be using as keywords should have the H3 tag.

Create links within your posts to other pages in your site. It helps your visitors find things on your site and also helps Google. To create a link use the icon on the icon bar that looks like a chain link. Highlight some text, then press the icon. You will be asked for the URL. It is best to give the complete path for the URL (/ for instance).

For more professional looking posts you  insert or upload pictures. This will appear in your posts and give your website some nice touches. It is usually best to include it toward the top of the page and choose align left. Be sure to use the alt and title tags to describe the image. It should be relevant to your post topic and keywords. Click on the advanced tab and add a right margin of 10px. This will give some nice space between the image and the text.

After you have finished writing your post, press the publish button. After a short time the post will save. You are all set.

One little note, if you post from Microsoft Word you can sometimes blow up your post. There is a very good article here that explains it.

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