How to Create Categories in WordPress

Categories in WordPress are used to distinguish between different types of posts. I have used them to tell the readers that the posts are tutorials, tips or general information on some sites. Categories can be very helpful in structuring the website as the number of posts grows. To create a category you will need to log into WordPress using you ID and password.
Select Posts from the left hand side of the screen, then select Categories. You will come to this screen:

You will need to fill in the name field with the name you want to appear on your website.
You also need to fill in the slug. This is usually a one word or shortened version of your name. If you give the name of your category “In The News”, then the slug could be inthenews.
You can also fill in the description to give you more information about the category. When the website gets large this comes in handy.
Categories can also be sub-categories. If you have a music website, you may have a jazz category and then have fusion as a sub-category. You can set this up using the Parent field. You must have the parent category set up first in order to create a sub-category.
After you have filled in All the fields press Add New Category

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