10 Tips for Better Small Business SEO: Get Links to Your Website Free

chainIf you have spent any time trying to get your website listed in Google you have probably run across the SEO experts advising you to get as many relevant links as possible to your website. This is great advice, but how do you do it? Do you have to pay for links? Are link exchanges always bad?

There are many ways that you can get people to link to your website or web pages that are free. Since I like free that is where I will focus my attention.

10 Tips to get more free links to your website


  1. Great content gets linked to. If you have great content on your website people are likely to link to you without you having to ask. More often than not these sites are related to you.
  2. Numbered lists get linked to. Create a top 10 or 25 tips list. These are the most searched after pages and most linked to pages in recent days. It seems everyone wants to know the 10 best ways to create great web pages to get people to link to them.
  3. Publish articles on other people’s websites. Many websites are looking for guest columnists. This means you get to include a link to your website in your biography. If you enjoy writing this is a great way to get at least one website linking to you. Often other websites will link to the website you published your article on and so on.
  4. If you are a local business, join the local chamber of commerce. Most chambers of commerce own their own website. When you join you can often post a company profile that includes a link to your website.
  5. List your website on your local library website. Most libraries have their own websites. They often provide local businesses with free links.
  6. Post comments on blogs that are related to your business. There are many blogs that have high PR (Page Rank). The higher the PR the more emphasis Google gives to the link. Since Google has determined that a website has high PR they also conclude that links form a high PR website must also be important.
  7. There are many groups or answer websites out there. Answer questions or ask questions. Most of these answer or group websites require you to register. When you register you also get to fill out a profile. In your profile you are allowed to include a link to your website. Most also include this link in your signature which gets added to your posts.
  8. Create a Squidoo page. Squidoo is a website that allows you to create lenses. These are interest pages. You specify links and information you are interested in. This would also include links to your website pages. Make sure you include links to other websites too.
  9. If you are good at developing your own WordPress themes, create a new and list it for free. Make sure you include a signature in the footer of the page that provides a link to your website. When people use your free WordPress theme they create pages that have a link to your website in the footer. The more pages they create, the more links you have.
  10. Ask related businesses for a link exchange. You provide a link to their website and vice versa. This is the only type of link exchange that I would use. There are many websites that provide link exchanges for free. The problem is that they are not related to your website at all. Google doesn’t like these types of links. They love relevant links. This is what the internet is all about, relevant websites linking to relevant websites.

There are many other ways to get free links. These are tried and true and have helped me. Let me know if you have any other tips to include. Many people also pay for links. Again if you decide to do this make sure they are relevant.

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  1. David Thomas Says:

    Thanks for the tips.It can help me since I’m a beginner.

  2. Febeamarie Says:

    it helps to find ways to create great web pages to get people to link to them. great post!

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