Trends in WordPress Theme Designs

If you are anything like me, I am not a trend setter. I wait for enough people to be following some trend before I look into it. I am the same with website design. I want to see what works with other websites first, then I’ll make changes to the way I do things.

Windows 8 Design Trends

Microsoft released Windows 8 and has defined a new standard that web designers and developers must take into account. The old thought about how your web page should look was to provide navigation at the top and along one side. Your web page contained some graphics, but was mostly text. You used a color scheme that was pleasing on the eye and not outlandishly colorful.


Widows 8 uses colorful blocks that are called tiles. These tiles contain information about the app. They are called live tiles because information changes in them whether you click on them or not. I think this will be the direction that websites will be going. The use of tiles and updating information as time passes is a very nice design feature.

Website Design Basics

Some basics of good design need to be followed if you decide to use Windows  8 is the type of design you want to follow.

  1. You should choose a font that is easy to read. When fonts get small they can be hard to read. Use a font that is a sans serif. Some examples of sans serif fonts are Arial, Calibe and Helvetica. These fonts don’t have any tails on the letters. When the font gets small these tails blur the letters.
  2. Us e plain text and don’t overemphasize your text using bold or italics.
  3. Choose one color for your font and stick with it. Too many colors distracts from what you are trying to say.
  4. Make sure all graphics or images are clear. Use small images about 30 by 30 pixels as icons. The use of icons follows many of the best designs for Windows 8 apps.
  5. You can use fairly simple images as backgrounds of your tiles. Choose images that are meaningful. They should tell the visitor what your tile does.

The old standards still apply to the new designs. Always keep it simple. The more things on your webpage, the more distracted your visitors will be. Point them exactly where you want them to be. If you want your visitors to click on a word or icon, make that you focus of your page.

Whether you like Microsoft or Apple, they have both defined new design standards that we need to consider. Don’t be left in the past.

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