What does the Best Technical Support Look Like?

The most important thing to me when I purchase an item is to make sure that if I ever need a question answered quickly that I have a place to call and will get in contact with a competent, live person immediately. I would like to talk about two very different experiences I have had recently with calling support, one good and the other poor. Both of these experiences happened the week September 5, 2012.

What does poor customer support look like?

Samsung DVD PlayerLet me start with the not so good call. I own a Blue ray DVD player that I use to stream movies from Netflix. Recently I began to have problems watching movies. I could connect to Netflix and look at my selections fine. When I made my choice the movie wouldn’t play.

I called Samsung, the manufacturer of the DVD player. I was on hold for 20 minutes. When I did finally got a live person, they were difficult to understand. They tried several different things and nothing worked. Finally they told me to call Netflix. It was even worse with Netflix. I finally fixed the problem by looking online. It seems to be a common problem. I can now watch whatever title I want.

What did I learn? Neither Samsung nor Netflix provide adequate technical support. They are examples of what not to do.

What does excellent technical support look like?

BlueHost LogoNow for my example of excellent Technical support. I had been developing a WordPress theme and was making some modifications. It is on a website that is not currently very active, but is live. I added some new features in my functions file and my page templates. All along the way I tested my modifications after each step. Everything seemed fine on the website. The pages loaded and looked like I wanted them to.

I had been making my changes directly on the php files in a text editor on the actual web server. When I loaded the WordPress administration page I got a blank screen. I looked at the error log and had an error pointing to a file that I had not changed. I couldn’t solve the problem on my own.

I called BlueHost. I was on hold for about 30 seconds. When I got to technical support I was helped by a well spoken, professional person who was also very competent. He was baffled by the error. We tried restoring a file, but it did not fix the problem. Now I was stumped and so was BlueHost technical support, I thought.

The technical support representative I was speaking with would not give up, but sought out his support. He contacted the second line of support via a chat. The system administrator he contacted was able to solve the problem in about 2 minutes.

BlueHost has the best web hosting technical support

My problem was that I had included a couple of extra lines at the end of my functions.php file, by accident. The system was trying to interpret the extra lines and got lost. Removing the extra lines fixed the problem. I would never have thought to look here.

What did I learn? BlueHost technical support will not give up. They have depth in the technical support that I have not found elsewhere. They are easy to understand, professional and capable. I also need to test my modifications locally before putting them on a live web server.

If you want the best web hosting company for your small business website, BlueHost is the best choice. To sign up for BlueHost or find out more click here. They are the web hosting company that I use.

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