Which scripting language is better for SEO ASP.net or PHP ?

ASp.net logoIf you are like me you want the best, fastest and easiest platform to work in that also provides the best search engine optimization (SEO) possible. Is there any advantage to using PHP over ASP.net? Many SEO professionals have said that ASP.net is slower to be indexed than a page that has an html or PHP extension. An ASP page has a .ASP or .ASPx extensions. Paul Anthony posted on SEOMoz,“ASP.NET , generally speaking – is a web spider’s worst nightmare.”

How do Search Engines Work?

Search engines use spiders or crawlers to discover web pages. These are programs that follow links from each webpage that is already in the search results database and the links on the next page they find and so on. Then the search engines catalog the web pages and define the title, description and keywords for each page. Next they will score the pages based upon their unique algorhythm. Then they create their search results database.

The easier it is for a spider to find the title, description, links and keywords on your webpage, the better. As a small business website owner it is our job to make the search spider’s job as easy as possible.

Are There Any Drawbacks for PHP or ASP.net?

ASP.net is a server side scripting language developed by Microsoft for creating dynamically created web pages. This is a Microsoft alternative to PHP. Both ASP and PHP create pages that look and feel the same. They both can access a database to provide content that can be dynamic. So is there any difference?

The answer depends on who you talk with. ASP has been around awhile as has PHP. One of the major drawbacks for ASP is the use of strange code for the URL. Often user variables must be passed on the command line to access the pages using the & or ? to specify them

(I.E. http://server/application/Products.aspx?id=4)

This can be avoided, but presents a problem for search engines. The previous example should be presented something like http://server/application/Products/show/beverages instead.

PHP LogoWhen using PHP the code is usually cleaner and does not necessarily use variables like ASP does by default. It can be designed to use these variables, but does not by default. WordPress uses PHP and can use many formats for creating URLs. This page is created using PHP and WordPress.

Another drawback of ASP is the use of the viewstate field. This is a hidden field on ASP.net forms that can get fairly large. When it does it prevents the spiders from finding any information on the page to be used as a description or keywords. This prevents your page from being found using the targeted keywords you have used for the specific page.

The solution to this is to not use viewstate unless absolutely necessary. ASP.net MVC does not use viewstate. This is the latest incarnation of ASP.net. PHP does not even have the concept of viewstate in the language, so there is never a problem with it.

Which Platform is Best?

I have chosen to use WordPress for my website management tool. WordPress uses PHP and allows me all the versatility that I need and more. If WordPress can’t do what I want I can create a plugin that can. BlueHost is my web hosting company. They provide the easiest interface on the market for installing, updating and maintaining my website. If you need a web host for your small business check out BlueHost.

PHP is easier to use than ASP.net and creates cleaner code by default. ASP.net needs work arounds to create cleaner code. If you want easy, clean and great SEO by default PHP is the right choice in my opinion.

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