WordPress Plugin Having Unexpected Results

wordpress pluginWordPress plugins are great ways of extending the way that WordPress works. Plugins can make your website more secure or spam free. Do plugins affect anything else other than what they are advertised to address?

The answer is a resounding YES. How do I know?

How to determine what the problem is

For the past day I have been trying to fix a problem with my website. My comments have been password protected, so that nobody but me can post a comment. This is not what I wanted. So what was wrong?

I had installed a few different plugins to try to take care of some spam that I have gotten in my comments. One of them was Spam, Free WordPress. They claim 100% accuracy. I can tell you that I did not receive any spam while this was installed.

I also did not receive any comments, but thought nothing of it. Then I finally got curious. I tried entering a comment and I got a message telling me to hit back and input a password. There was no place to enter a password.

I knew something was wrong, but what? After many trials and errors, I was still no closer to a solution. Then I thought about all those nice plugins. Could one of them be the problem?

How to approach the problem logically

I went to my plugin page and looked at all my installed plugins. I targeted 3 plugins. I deactivated the first plugin, logged out of WordPress and tried to enter a comment on one of my posts. I still got the error.

Finally I got to Spam Free WordPress, deactivated it, logged out and entered a comment on a post. Bingo! My comment was accepted.


What have I learned from my experience? Plugins have affects that they do not intend to have. Free plugins are worth what you pay for them. Always test a plugin before using it live. Do more research before installing a plugin.

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  1. Elliptical Machines Says:

    Strongly suggest adding a “google+” button for the blog!

  2. Basil Rehill Says:

    Thanks for the tip.

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