How to improve your WordPress website by using widgets

People coming to your WordPress website are looking for answers to questions. Your small business website must be able to provide these answers and lead them to more information to engage them further. Widgets are one way to help you do this.

Most WordPress themes make use of sidebars. Sidebars are the narrow columns to the left or right of your blog posts. Each section in the sidebar is known as a “Widget” that you can add or remove, and move up or down. A widget is a feature that can be added to some WordPress themes that are enabled to use them.

You add or delete a widget through the WordPress appearance menu, then select widget. The widgets that are available are all those that you have installed. Some plugins create widgets. Jetpack is one of the most common plugins that creates several widgets. There are also many widgets that are available by default in a standard installation of WordPress

What Are The Various types of widgets?

  • Archive – displays an archive for each month that has a post entry.
  • Category – displays a list of categories that you have defined for your posts. With the current version of jetpack you can display the number of posts in each category.
  • Links – displays a list of links separated by the categories that you have defined
  • Pages – displays a link to each page you have defined
  • Recent Posts – displays a list of the blogs most recent posts.
  • Search – display a search box to search your blog pages
  • Text – this is used to enter HTNL, javascript or just plain text.
  • RSS – displays an RSS feed

You can choose whichever widgets you want to use. Many of them have options that you can configure. Widgets can be used more than once. This is helpful if you have more than one sidebar. They allow you to fully customize the look and feel of your website to fit your needs.

Highlight: Blog Subscription Widget from Jetpack

This widget adds an email form to allow people to subscribe to your blog. When people sign up they can then manage their subscription through email.

blog configuration screenOnce this widget is added to your sidebar you can configure the title of the widget, optional text to help your visitors to know what to do, the text that will appear on the button and whether you want to show a total of the number of people who are subscribing. Once you have defined these you will need to save your changes by pressing the save button

People who have signed up will receive an email with any posts that are added to your blog. They can manage their subscription by using a link at the bottom of the page.  You can define how often you receive emails and also unsubscribe from the subscription.

The nice thing about this new widget for your visitors is that they can manage multiple subscriptions from this one service. WordPress is providing more and more features that make webmaster’s lives easier and more productive. They are also making the internet easier for visitors to maintain control over their viewing

WordPress Widgets make your visitors experience easier and more engaging. They provide you with a way to engage the people who visit your website.

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